"My work is abstract. It is naturally conceptual. By that I mean that for me, abstraction is not metaphorical, nor is it an attempt to transform what I see. The very nature of my relationship with nature is abstract. It is the way I experience my environment. I do not feel apart from nature. I am one interactive element of its composition.
The continually growing aggregate of my physical, psychological and emotional experiences within nature defines my work at any given moment it time. The intimacy and complexity of this dynamic interaction manifest themselves in the development of the new perspectives and languages required to give concrete visual, and audio life to the ongoing evolution of my perception of my place in nature.
I generally choose to create new pieces when I sense particularly important movements in the relationship that I sense merit exploration. I suppose one could consider these as stages of development not unlike those that characterize the evolution of relationships of a mystical variety."



MATTER - 2016 / 2017 - In this project I opted to delve into the dense materiality that defines the graphic and tactile specificity of a given environment, deconstructing its physical profile using its own matter as a transformative tool, thereby interfering with its natural evolution. This study in material interference permitted me to better understand the inherent power of any material to reshape and redefine its relative significance, providing a clearer understanding of the dynamic evolutionary processes implicit in all concrete relationships.


TANGIBLE INTANGIBLE - 2015 / 2016 - What happens when we replace the prioritization of moments frozen in time by our camera by the study of an evolving situation or thought process is most interesting because what was once the act of stopping time becomes the act of examining the dynamic and often uncontrollable flow of energy that defines a situation in space and time. I situation is a living thing. In such a context, the act of taking a picture becomes only one element in a complex juxtaposition of multiple perspectives. It becomes the study of evolutions. The notion of dialogue replaces the notion of message sending and reality takes on an entirely new sense.


BAMBOO, OTHER PERSPECTIVES - 2015 - Photography is often considered to be synonymous with the notion of visual representations of moments or settings considered important for their symbolic social or aesthetic value. Such traditional approaches often over stress the aesthetic qualities of our subject matter. This series of work is not about what bamboo looks like. This series of work attempts to recreate the incredibly rich and exuberant experience of encountering lush stands of Bamboo in their natural setting. It is a non-linear narrative of the dreams such an experience inspires.


ON REBELLIOUS WATERS - 2014 - The diptychs of the series “On Rebellious Waters” are riddles. They speak of small apparently insignificant differences of various types, differences that are often erroneously considered unimportant in our daily lives. They are mirrors that mock our tendency towards oversimplification. They are puzzles that employ repetitive imagery to render differences banal in an attempt to awaken us from the deep sleep of contemporary life and its misplaced fascination with everything exaggerated and big. Here the small differences are extravagantly large. These are confident works that confidently question what we have to bring to an eventual conversation with them.


ON UNSTABLE WATERS - 2014 - What we don’t see is often more important than what we do. It is a measure of our ignorance. In photography we often think of what we don’t see as being what lies outside the frame of the image. In the series “On Unstable Waters”, the invisible elements reside inside the images themselves, latent intangibles waiting to be discovered, their presence rendered palpable by the evolutionary format of the six evolutionary sequences that comprise the series. Like silence in music, invisibility plays an integral role in structuring these works. Like music itself, time plays an important role here. These are works to be experienced, not simply looked at.


ON UNCERTAIN WATERS - 2013 / 2014 - A certain degree of balance is essential to setting goals and moving forward. A certain degree of imbalance is essential to understanding who we are and where we want to go and why. “On Uncertain Waters” is a study of stability and its necessary fragility. It dissects the relationship between movement and our confrontation with it and how the equilibrium/ disequilibrium duality affects our perspective. It is a parable, a lesson in tolerance.