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METAMORPHOSIS represents Marco Giacomelli’s three-year journey to transcend the visible and celebrates his development of the innovative visual language that empowered his departure from representational interpretations of the world around him. The book brings together works from his trilogy: ON WATERS – TANGIBLE INTANGIBLE – BAMBOO, OTHER PERSPECTIVES and his series MATTER, four journeys inspired by the unique natural environment of his native island of Santa Catarina. 

Choosing to investigate the power of abstraction in landscape work in no way reflects a rejection of visually explicit content. It is simply a celebration of both the palpable and the imponderable, of the permanent and of the ephemeral, based on the thought-provoking emotional experiences and sensations aroused by the settings in question.

Inherently modular in nature, the works are never presented in the same manner or configuration. Each exhibition is a rebirth, an entirely new perspective on the elements that takes into account the new environment they inhabit - a study of the power of juxtaposition and interdependence to alter perception. Like an individual in new surroundings, each work involuntarily reveals previously unknown facets of its being, transforming interpretation and altering relevance in previously unexplored and unexpected ways.